Giro d'Italia 05-06-2010

Taking place in Italy in June 2010 this event was both exciting and fascinating as we set of to tour Italy with one of the most amazing selections of Supercars to be seen on the road.

Over the course of six nights the Giro d'Italia provided luxury hotels and five days of some of the most enjoyable driving available in Italy as we toured the beautiful countryside, passing through Tuscany, Umbria, Liguria, Abruzzo, Emiglia Romagna, the Portofino Coast and finally, Monte Carlo.

The combination of culture, history, scenery and delicious food is hard to beat and the enthusiasm the Italians have for Supercars is legendary.

Along the way we saw coastlines and mountains, vineyards and historic monuments and some of the most famous roads known to any Supercar enthusiast - those of the legendary Mille Miglia, as well as tunnel after glorious tunnel on our last day as we followed the Italian Riviera into Monte Carlo.

As always with Supercar Club events, accommodation was of the highest standard available. This means luxury hotels every night. In some towns certain roads and Piazzas were closed especially for the event, so that we had special access, and with the help of our friends at Lions Club Firenze Poggio Imperiale in Florence and guidance from the Polizia Municpale Firenze who have been very helpful in assisting with organizing the Giro d'Italia, we have some very special priviledges that are not afforded to other people when they visit Italy.

In 2010 the Giro was raising money for children with AIDS charity, a small UK based charity that helps make the lives of children suffering with and from HIV a little easier, as well as Combat Stress another UK based charity which helps servicemen who have been deeply affected by their experiences in combat situations..


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