Giro d'Italia 2012 02-06-2012

The Giro d' Italia 2012 - The Original and Still the Best!

Taking place in Italy between the 2nd and the 7th of June 2012, this event was both exciting and fascinating as we toured Italy with one of the most amazing selections of modern and classic Supercars to be seen on the road.

Along the way we visited coastlines, mountains, vineyards and historic monuments and spend a couple of days driving along some of the most famous roads known to any Supercar enthusiast.

As always with Supercar Club events, accommodation was of the highest standard available. 

The Giro d'Italia is as competitive as you want it to be. Teams were given a full and detailed route which was easy to follow and which took us along roads you might otherwise never find.  These road lead us to a series of cryptic clues which we solved to earn points.  Clues can be a little tricky but with some fantastic prizes on offer from our impressive sponsors, we can't make it too easy!

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