Brooklands to Monte Carlo 07-06-2009

Brooklands to Monte Carlo is a perfect route for a rally. It allows the teams taking part to pass through vineyards, empty rolling countryside which is void of traffic, and the spectacular Alps with their winding passes and breathtaking scenery.

This event is open to just 40 teams and their Supercars and will take five days to make the journey from Brooklands to the warmth and sun of Monte Carlo.

After crossing the start line at historic Brooklands each team will complete a full lap of the new Mercedes-Benz World handling track before heading off down the long straight and out onto the open road for Europe, where five nights in luxurious hotels await en route along with the company of fellow Supercar owners, the winding open roads of rural France and the Alps which are pretty high on most enthusiasts lists of things to do in their car, and the unique opportunity to drive laps around the entire rooftop banked test track at the FIAT factory six stories above the city of Turin.

Finally teams will cross the finish line in Casino Square, Monte Carlo to celebrate the end of the event with a Gala dinner at the legendary Hotel de Paris.

As with all Supercar Club events a full support team was on hand along with a full and detailed route, albeit hidden in a series of cryptic clues! It was great fun working out where to go whilst enjoying breakfast in a Chateau with our fellow teams!

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